How to Use Stochastic Indicator in Day Trading

How to Use Stochastic ndicator Day Trading

What is the Stochastic indicator Stochastic constitutes a reliable momentum oscillator, conceived by George C. Lane in the middle of the previous century. It consists of two moving averages which move in defined boundaries, between 0 and 100. The Stochastic indicates where the price of the underlying asset is closed in relation to its price … Read more

How to Use ATR in a Day Trading Strategy

How to Use ATR Day Trading Strategy.

What is ATR indicator? The Average True Range (ATR) indicator constitutes an effective tool to estimate the volatility of the price of a financial instrument at a specific time span. Volatility is very important for a day trading strategy, in order to be selected the right entry point, stop loss placement and take profit target. … Read more

How to Use MACD Indicator in Day Trading

How to Use MACD Indicator in Day Trading

MACD stands for Moving Average Convergence Divergence and constitutes one of the most famous and powerful trend and momentum technical indicators. Identifying the direction and strength of the trend in the market is critical, in order to be profitable in trading. MACD is the right tool to accomplish this task. As far as day trading … Read more