Personal Finance Tips from One of Life’s Financial Victims

Personal Finance Tips from One of Life’s Financial Victims

Below are personal finance tips from the experience of a person who fell victim to financial situation. These personal finance tips are both useful and practical and they also come free of charge. There are many personal finance tips which you must have heard before; if you haven’t heard anything before about personal finance, this article is for you. After all, good advice always holds its value and none more so than personal finance tips from one of life’s financial victims. I’d even go as far as to say that not only do they represent sound advice, but these words are good enough to live by.

This first personal finance tip is mainly meant for men, especially the married ones. Married men should take note of their relationship with their wives as it is part of their personal financial stability. Take note of her shoes. Whenever you first marry, usually things start out quite innocently as simply just several nice pairs of shoes and, of course, some sneakers for wearing outdoor. But all of a sudden, it quickly turns out she’ll need a new pair of shoes for every new outfit for work, despite that she may already have two pairs of black shoes. “Ah”, she proclaims, “but none of my own shoes are like this new pair of black shoes”. Before you know it, you are up to your knees in a sea of shoes just to try and get out the door in the morning. And the problem grows steadily worse. This tip is as much for your personal sanity as it is one of my personal finance tips. Trust me on this one.

The type of light bulb you use in the house also has an influence on your personal finance. You can change your light bulbs to the energy saving ones that only use a fraction of the power of the standard, yet emit greater light. This is a way of improving your personal finance stability. This is indeed one of my personal financial tips as the new energy-savers cost $35 for the entire house, which I have ascertained will save approximately $50 and $60 per month on my home energy bill. The point being, if you find ways to save money in your home, ultimately you’ll see a positive increase in the balance of your savings account.

High interest terms and conditions should be taken note of for your personal finance. Credit is all very well, however, should you take the finance option to buy a $500 product, then with an interest rate of 25%, by the end of the finance period you’ll have paid out just short of $1,500 for the privilege. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that if you can save the $500 cash needed to pay for the product, you’ll save yourself almost $1000.

Avoid purchasing item on a store credit card as making purchases directly from your credit card is at disadvantage to your personal finance.